Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My Resistance Journal - Nov 22, 2016

I'm taking at least one action every day to #ResistTrump! Every day, I Affirm, Sustain, Reflect, and then Act. To see the Affirmation, click here. To see the Principles I'm working from, click here. So what are you doing? Let me know in the comments.
Today's Sustenance
Spotify, the music of my friend and brilliant Jazz musician Mark Etheredge. Check out his artist profile for some funky, fun, modern Jazz rock in the vein of Steely Dan.
Today's Reflection
I'm working from is Today is a good day to subscribe to the New York Times. A strong, independent, robust media is an important hedge against authoritarianism. Trump knows, it too. Yesterday, he lashed out at media representatives in a closed door meeting and today he canceled a scheduled meeting with the "failing" Times.
Let's make sure it doesn't fail. It doesn't cost that much (they're doing a sale right now: $3.13/week for all access digital edition) and it sends a powerful message to Trump that we will not let our media outlets be intimidated. Let's show that we value real journalism over "free" eyeball-grubbing clickbait sites. And let's show the Times that we have their back! I'm also subscribing to the Washington Post and Slate Plus.
In fact, I'm adding a new Principle today: Use Social Media; Don't Let It Use You.
It's a sad truth that Social Media values your eyeballs more than it does your voice. It doesn't care what you have to say, just as long as you're clicking a lot and looking a lot. Liberal and Conservative sites alike use provocative headlines to get your attention. The aggregate of all this provocation is a feeling of dread and anxiety among its users. And, while deep concern is a rational response to current news, we don't make great decisions under the cloud of fear. So, for me, for now, Social media is for organizing specific, positive action. And for chatting with faraway friends. That's it.

Hey! NYT gave me a free bonus subscription to give out! Share this post on FB and I'll enter you in a random drawing for the bonus subscription!
Today's Action(s)
Daily Action rules: 1. Do at least one thing every day. 2. Social Media can help, but social media alone doesn't count. 3. Journal it with detail or it didn't happen.
Today I signed up for the New York Times and the Washington Post. (I had already signed up for Slate Plus)
I also called the Department of Justice at 202-353-1555 to demand that they audit the 2016 vote, especially in PA, MI, and WI.
The line was very busy; I had to keep dialing!

And, at the request of my friend and commenter Jan, I called and took Paul Ryan's survey regarding the future of the ACA (aka Obamacare). Instructions: Dial (202) 225-0600. Stay on if you get dead air. It takes around 90 seconds to connect to survey. Once it picks up, follow the prompts. If your call isn't answered at first or it goes directly to the recording of "mailbox is full," wait 15 seconds and then try again. You will have to listen to a short message about the Speaker's views on Obamacare before you vote.




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