Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My #ResistTrump Journal - Nov 30, 2016

I'm taking at least one Daily Action to #ResistTrump! Every day, I Affirm, Sustain, Reflect, and then Act. To see the Affirmation, click here. To see the Principles I'm working from, click here. So what are you doing? Let me know in the comments, and maybe I'll do it too!

Today's Sustenance
This evening, I'm visiting the Improv club in our local mall to see some stand-up comedy! I love stand-up, just generally, as a form. It makes me very happy to watch stand-up and laugh with friends and the performer doesn't even have to be that good! Thankfully, I live close enough to Los Angeles that great comics will travel down to try out new material. Tonight, I'm seeing lesbian comic Fortune Feimster, who is hilarious. Check her out on YouTube!

Today's Reflection
Hard to hear, but this article may help us form a cornerstone of resistance. It's called "The Case for Normalizing Trump" and it argues that other countries have had success against Trump's ilk by treating them like they'd treat any political foe. I see the wisdom in it. Lots of people identify with Trump and share qualities of personality with him. An attack on his persona is an attack on them. To drive a wedge between Trump and his supporters, we have to stop punching down. Our enemy isn't the Trump voter. It isn't even Trump. Our enemies are ignorance, xenophobia, misogyny, and greed. Can we combat those rigorously without attaching faces to them? I think we can. And I think we have to. 
#ResistTrump? Yes. His policies. His presidency. His plans. His personality? His appearance? His family? Let them alone. 

Today's Action
Today I'm doing the one of the several things I've made it a point to avoid in these journals: sharing an article and calling that action. But this article is so good and so important and so very in line with the mission and principles of this journal that I think sharing it with you is more important today than signing another petition (which is all I would have time to do today anyway). 

It's "A Yale history professor's 20-point guide to defending democracy under a Trump presidency." I'm not going to quote it here, but I am going to print it out and even use it to modify both my Principles and my Affirmation. If you intend to #ResistTrump, his guidance and information will be invaluable. 




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