Sunday, November 20, 2016

Note to Self: Resistance Journal - Nov 20, 2016

Each day, I'm doing at least one thing to resist the presidency of Donald Trump. Every day, I'll repeat my Affirmation, enjoy some music or poetry for Sustenance, write a short Reflection, then do today's Action. To see the Affirmation, click here. To see the Principles I'm working from, click here. So what are you doing? Let me know in the comments.

Today's Sustenance

Spotify playlist "Begging the Public for Joy" by NPR's Linda Holmes

Today's Reflection

I'm taking it as a given that the Trump Presidency should be resisted due to his:

  • Failure to win anything remotely close to the Popular Vote, 
  • Early signaling that his race-baiting was not just for "fun," as with the hiring of fascist propagandist and actual Satan lover Steve Bannon, 
  • Beholden position to the police states of the U.S. and Russia, which openly tipped the balance in his favor, allowing for his election; and, 
  • Clear conflict of interest with his business and family and general lack of qualification for office. 

Everything we see so far looks like the recognizably slow but faster-than-it-looks rise of authoritarianism. It must be resisted and we cannot let Trump add the mystique of the office to the considerable power he will already wield.

Today's Action(s)

Daily Action rules: 1. Do at least one thing every day. 2. Social Media can help, but social media alone doesn't count. 3. Journal it with detail or it didn't happen.

Today I joined the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU): "The ACLU works in the courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to all people in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States. Read more about the history and mission of the ACLU."

I also printed out and prominently posted this list of places and products to boycott. It's clear from his actions so far that Trump still cares a lot about his business, perhaps more than his presidency. If enough of us participate, boycotts have the capability to hit him where he lives.

The one on this list that hits me closest to home is, which carries Trump products (in fact, where has Silicon Valley been, since the election?). Getting Amazon to stop carrying his products would be a real coup, but it does no good to simply stop patronizing a retailer without explaining why. So sent an email to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos ( I'll follow up with a phone call at a later time, when the offices are open.
Here is the text of the email:

Subj: Please stop selling Trump products

Dear Mr. Bezos,

Hello, my name is Wayne Self. I'm a longtime Amazon Prime customer and regular user of I love its speedy service and stunning variety. However, I have a problem as a customer that I hope Amazon will take steps to solve.

Apparent President-Elect Donald Trump has made good on his race-baiting campaign by hiring as a Senior Advisor Steve Bannon, who has indicated that there are too many Asians in power in Silicon Valley, and that African Americans are "naturally aggressive and violent," and, I kid you not, actually praised Satan. It is past time for Amazon to disassociate itself from the Trump name and brand, a brand which is endorsed by the KKK and is now synonymous with white supremacy. Amazon is better than this.

Because Trump has not divested himself of any potential business conflicts, he will know and care if his bottom line begins to suffer. You therefore in a unique position to make a powerful statement about what is acceptable as political and business practice in this country, and about what your brand represents. Please make it clear that Amazon has no business with white supremacists.

Thank you,

Wayne Self




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