Based on a true story, Cadillac is the tale of a young gay man coming of age in the rural Deep South. It’s a story of oppression, heartbreak, murder, and redemption set against the murky backdrop of Louisiana, with all the political, musical, and social color that the setting implies.

* * *

The play follows the life of Albert, a young man whose religious faith helps him to cope with an abusive father and his many transgressions. But that faith is challenged when Albert finds a way out of his poor rural upbringing and into college, only to meet two men who will change his life: his best friend (and secret admirer) Bobby, and the local Sheriff, Norm.

Passions, threats, and betrayals swirl about in this intensely personal gay drama with southern gothic overtones, powered by a rustic soundtrack of blues, gospel, bluegrass, and country music.

Cadillac was workshopped at Notre Dame de Namur University in 2010 and is currently being finalized for a world premiere. Featuring a small (3 female, 4 male) cast and a small band, Cadillac is ideal for small, black box venues.

* * *

Workshopped at NDNU in Spring 2011, "Cadillac" features songs in a rustic folk-rock genre and themes of family strife, social oppression, and violence.

Deana - Tracy O'brian
Albert - Daniel Lloyd Pias
Clement - Wayne Self
Rose - Lee Foster
Belinda - Alann Pinell
Norm - Gregory Stapp
Bobby - David Kadel

10:40 - We meet Albert, a young man who dreams leaving his poor, dysfunctional family and moving to the suburbs, where people are clean and happy.

13:35 - in "Saturday Night", we find that Albert's father Clement is a musician, while his mother Rose is hardworking and abused. Rose leaves for work, while Clement waits for the babysitter, Cousin Belinda.

17:32 - When Belinda shows, Clement makes her kiss him as an apology for being late. When he leaves, Belinda, tries to show uptight Albert and his sister Deana good time in "Gittup". Playfully, Belinda shows her breasts to Albert.

19:54 - After his gig, Clement plays with a gun and sings of his soul's darkness in "Where the Sun Don't Shine".

24:35 - Clement comes home drunk, leaving his coat on the floor. Rose returns from work, lifts the coat, and finds the gun and a condom wrapper. Saddened, she sings "Chin Up".

31:40 - In "Suite Belinda", Albert thinks he's in trouble for being lustful when Clement goes out to talk to Belinda. But when he eavesdrops, Albert sees Clement rape Belinda.

39:37 - Albert takes his first hunting trip with Clement, who is warm talking about family and tradition. He sends Albert up a deer stand, then walks into the woods. At the end of the hunt, in "Aiming", Albert goes to shoot Clement, but blanches. Later, Clement catches Deana smoking, causing a dust-up involving the gun. In the end, Albert is sent away.


48:44 - Years later, we see Albert questioned by the local sheriff, Norm. We learn that Albert got into college, but was always in trouble for being gay. Then we learn that Norm is gay, too.

52:10 - Albert's roommate, Bobby, insists that Albert needs to earn some money in "By Bread Alone".

58:00 - Deana visits Belinda in her squalid trailer and tries to get info on what happened to her. Bobby tells Albert the rent was paid. Norm shows up to take Albert for a ride.

1:02:45 - "Norm's Song" is about his life as a gay soldier. Watching Deana play, Rose realizes that Clement has started to molest her.

1:10:03 - Albert tells his family issues to Norm, and hopes for some way to get Rose and Deana out of their situation. Norm sings "Crossing the Jordan".

Albert returns to Bobby's place to find Bobby lonely, but Albert has plans with a boy. Norm meets up with Rose to offer her "resources" to get away from Clement.

Albert returns to find that Norm had a deputy raid Albert's new boy, scaring him away.

1:27:27 - Clement comes home, yelling for Rose, but only finds a tape deck. He presses "play" and hears Rose sing "I Think I Found It in Me (to Leave You)". Clement rages.

1:31:29 - Albert, Bobby, and Norm return from a New Orleans trip. In Bobby's apartment Norm asks Albert to leave with him, then waits outside while Albert packs. Bobby sees a gun that Albert has kept hidden and sings "Chekov's Gun" as a warning.

A fight for the gun ends with Bobby and Albert in a near kiss, but they're caught by Norm, who insists that Albert leave with him, explaining the power he has over Albert's family. Albert departs with Norm, leaving Bobby in turmoil.

1:40:14 - Rose and Deana live in a new place, thanks to Norm. In "That's the Deal", Rose, Albert, and Norm sing of compromise.

Clement visits Belinda, bribing her to point him to Rose, then sneaks up on Rose in her new home.

Albert and Norm fight, and Albert leaves. Norm threatens to make his life hell, and Albert says he'll out Norm.

1:49:26 - Bobby sings "Little Apartment", and decides it's time to confess his feelings to Albert. Albert and his family surprise Bobby and they reunite, but Rose goes back to Clement, to keep the rest of them safe.

Albert gets a phone call from Norm. Norm begs, threatens, and bribes Albert, then threatens to kill himself with Albert's gun. Albert gets enraged and tells Norm to do it. A shot rings out.

Clement goes to see Belinda. Belinda poisons Clement with a beer can into which she had syringed some drugs.

It is revealed that Norm had killed himself, while Clement had had a terrible stroke as a result of the poison.

2:04:05 - Albert laments that there will be "No Happy Ending" for him and Bobby.

2:08:48 - Years later, Rose still cares for the stricken Clement. To better care for them both, Bobby and Albert move Rose and Clement into their home.