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May 30, 2008

Since I've referred in this blog to my pending application to Pacific School of Religion, some friends have asked me what's happened to my job at Sage Webworks.

Sage Webworks is a company I co-owned with Dennis Allio, a longtime friend and collaborator. The company did (and still does) Web Consulting and Development, building and managing the construction of enterprise-level websites for companies like Citibank, Harper-Collins Publishing, the Brookings Institution, and others.

Sage does project management and code implementation, not design. Sometimes Sage acts as the lead agency, hiring the designers. Sometimes Sage is hired by the design agency to do complex code or a difficult implementation.

The company is still there, and still doing great work. I've stepped out of it due to a simple need to do something else.

When I got out of college, the first, best job I could get in Louisiana was at a small software publishing company managing an "online store" that they maintained on CompuServe. It was a good job, and it led me down a path related to online commerce that has lasted 13 years. But it was never my calling, and I think my lack of passion for it was often apparent.

Sage was a great experience for me. It allowed me to be my own boss, to set my own terms, and it enabled us to come to California. But the first thing they tell you in any book on entrepreneurship is that you must be passionate about whatever business you start. If you're not truly fascinated and passionate about it, you won't have that extra energy and drive to compete. They're right.

So, now that I may have a chance to do something that I am passionate about without declaring bankruptcy, I'm taking it.

Dennis and I are still friends, and his work continues.

I should note that he's actually a conglomerate now. He has teamed with a Registered Dietitian and weight-loss clinician to create an interactive, web-based system that allows you monitor what you eat and instructs you on how to adjust your diet in a healthy way for sustainable weight-loss.

It really works. I know this for a fact, because I lost 30 pounds on it myself. Here it is:

So that's what's going on with Sage Webworks.

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