Brother Sun - Love Is The Reason

October 18, 2012

Brother Sun is a collaborative project composed of three well established singer-songwriters: Greg Greenway, Joe Jencks, and Pat Wictor. They specialize in chillingly beautiful harmony and stirring songcraft. This week’s song is Jencks’ creation. Here’s what he has to say about Love Is The Reason.

I wrote Love Is The Reason after my beloved and I had been in a tough place with our relationship. I realized that there was a need for some healing and reconciliation, but I was not sure how to get there.

Music heals. I believe that. But it was a moment of grace when I stumbled on the idea that what we both needed to do was trust, radically, in each other’s good intentions. It was time for us to “let our hearts speak louder than our fears.”

A lot of people think love and hate are opposites. But I don’t think they are. I think love and fear are closer to opposites. Hate can be the fruit of fear, but fear is the root. Fear is the closing off, the circling of the wagons, trying to protect the self at all cost. Love is an opening of the heart, risking injury in order to experience the transformative wonder of genuine connection.

Eight years later, my sweetie and I are still together, and we are still seeking openness and connectedness. I think that a deep and sincere connection is what we all want. Men and women, gay or straight, regardless of race, class, creed, or culture; we all want to love and be loved. And it always comes with risk. But the risk is worth it. Miracles happen. Stones crack, in the gentle pervasive presence of tree roots. So too, hearts can crack open in all the right ways, when they are exposed to genuine love.

If you enjoy this song, I highly recommend their debut self-titled CD available at CDBaby. Just gorgeous. (by John Voorhees)

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