Scooter Pearce - As Long As You Have Faith

October 11, 2012

Scooter Pearce has been called “The Voice of Authenticity” by the Austin Post. Her latest CD, Authentic, is intimate and uncompromising, navigating from tender ballads to raucous honkytonk. Pearce wrote nine out of the fourteen songs, but has a way of taking full ownership of everything she plays.

Our song of the week calls out the hypocrisy of “believers” who use a tortured cut-and-paste version of scripture as a shield to defend their hateful views. Here’s what she had to say about As Long As You Have Faith:

As a kid, my grandmother used to always tell me “As long as you have faith, you can make it through anything in this world.” And she was right, but sometimes people have faith in the wrong things. Because you’re deceived. So this song was written about those people that make judgments without ever taking a look.

If you want to learn more about Scooter or purchase her CD, visit Also, please listen to our conversation with Scooter at the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance conference in Austin in the first monthly installment of the Hootenanny Hootcast!

Remember, always keep listening! (by John Voorhees)

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