Hans York - Once You Loved

November 02, 2012

Hans York has a unique voice, and it’s not just because of the German accent. He grew up near Ramstein Air Force Base and left home at 18 to play and live with American musicians. “After a short period I was dreaming in English,” he says.

I met Hans last year at Kerrville Folk Festival and was quickly struck by his smooth guitar work, clear tenor voice and joyfully energetic presence. He’s been touring the US non-stop for the past three years, playing clubs, concert halls and coffeehouses.

Hans’ brand new CD, Heard or Herded? is dominated by lively honkytonk rhythms that wouldn’t be out of place in the streets of New Orleans (even though it was primarily recorded in the Seattle area.) Here’s what he has to say about the song he selected for Hootenanny’s Song of the Week, “Once You Loved”.

Once you fall in love your life changes forever! No matter who it is and where it happens, that spark in you just lit up and burns a hole from the inside. Why? I guess there was a need for an opening, a short moment of clarity that points to what living is about. Does it hurt? Well, most times you lose yourself and get trapped in a maze of emotions. Eventually, after a hero’s journey you are set free by the power of true love!

(by John Voorhees)

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