Kira Small - I Will Raise My Voice

November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving is over, but gratitude doesn’t have to be tied to the calendar. This week, Hootenanny presents an unlikely gospel groove by a self-proclaimed "white chick from Wisconsin".

In “I Will Raise My Voice,” Kira Small sings with stunning power and confidence, calling us to take pride in who we are and to revel in the excellence and uniqueness of our souls. Here’s what she has to say about this soulful piece:

“I will raise my voice – though I may be afraid, I will not be ashamed. Mine may be a simple song, but it’s mine to sing. And if I don’t sing no one can sing along… so I will sing…” I wrote this song because I needed to hear it. I don’t have a tragic tale to tell, didn’t struggle through great adversity... I’m a 40-year old straight white woman, happily married, fulfilling creative career, supported by my family and society as a whole. Yet even with all that positive reinforcement, I still find myself saddled with fear when it’s time to speak up for myself. I can only imagine how hard it is for folks to summon the courage to speak out when they’re busy struggling for support, positive reinforcement, freedom from judgement, and simple equality. We all have a song to sing, and the right to sing it. The world needs to hear all the songs of all our hearts. This is my rallying cry against the grip of fear, which is no place for any human heart to live. May this song be a beacon in the darkness.

Kira’s CD, Raise My Voice, is available for streaming and download at Bandcamp. Have a marvellous holiday season, and always keep listening. (by John Voorhees)

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