Upstairs Takes Manhattan

April 29, 2014

Upstairs the Musical is going to New York! Well, part of it, anyway. We have been selected as an entry in the 2014 West Village Musical Theatre Festival, June 24-29! What does that mean?

Well, it means a few things.

  • It means Upstairs will be part of the largest festival of its kind in the country and will be seen by an audience of NY-based musical theatre professionals.
  • It means a new set of talented actors and directors will take on the challenge of bringing part of Upstairs to life.
  • It means I'm going to New York, baby! Woot!

So the way these things work is that a play gets selected from a bunch of entries, and then actors get selected from literally thousands of applications. Actors and directors get assigned to plays and they are performed during the festival. The festival presenters handle most of the production details, providing sound, staging, lighting, tickets, etc. The director handles most everything else. Some of the costs fall to me as the Creative Team and others fall to the Festival.

But here's the catch, and the thing that even makes this possible: I only get 15 minutes. That's right. The director and actors will present a 15 minute excerpt that's intended to show the audience the bare essence of Upstairs and give a taste to any potential producers, directors, or agents.

15 minutes. How in the world? More on that process as it unfolds. Until then, for those of you who've seen Upstairs... any ideas?

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